I'm still finding my way.

I am a self-taught artist from Charlotte, NC. Born in Columbia, SC; I have enjoyed drawing and painting for as far back as I can remember. Only recently have I felt a passion and mission behind what I'm creating, and out of that came a desire to share in the conversation of art and culture going on around me.

As an avid outdoorsman, I feel a real and personal connection with God when I'm on the water or hiking to an overlook. Sometimes it's the paddle through a marsh or the rocky trail that inspires more than the overlook or the fish on the hook, however, there's always a story to tell.

Photo of Me

My desire is to create images that inspire adventure while capturing and conjuring up past emotions.

For me, my most inspired pieces come from a place I camped or a day on the water that I can't get out of my heart or mind. For you, maybe it's that old Bronco you drove or the perfect golf shot.

It's a personal connection to an image that really drives the visual conversation and while I'm not great with words, hopefully some of my work can do the talking.


A Conversation with Graylyn Loomis - on Art and Golf 
The Story Behind Mr. Kuchar's Head Covers 
State Apparel Mural write up.



Here are some of my latest and available acrylic / canvas works.
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Prices do not include shipping.

Caught Looking: (30in. x 40in.) | SOLD
Green Mile: (30in. x 40in.) | SOLD
Dum Spiro Spero: (24in. x 36in.) | SOLD
Testing the Waters: (15in. x 30in.) | SOLD
Big Catch 7th: (36in. x 36in.) | SOLD


A selection of previously sold Acrylic Paintings
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Forever to Thee: (16in. x 20in.) | SOLD
Future Things: (36in. x 36in.) | SOLD
Glories Stream: (36in. x 36in.) | SOLD
In the Midst: (24in. x 48in.) | SOLD
Rosie Marsh: (36in. x 36in.) | SOLD
Salmon Stripes: (15in. x 30in.) | SOLD
Secure in the Storm: (11in. x 14in.) | SOLD
Sun Spots and Shadows: (24in. x 36in.) | SOLD
Water, Water Everywhere: $250 (24in. x 36in.) | SOLD
Moody Marsh: $450 (24in. x 36in.) | SOLD
Valley of Shadows: $350 (18in. x 24in.) | SOLD
Harbour Town: $350 (24in. x 24in.) | SOLD
Pebble Beach 7th: $125 (8in. x 10in.) | SOLD
Augusta 10th: $400 (24in. x 36in.) | SOLD
Signals: $500 (18in. x 24in.) | SOLD
Augusta 12th: $500 (15in. x 30in.) | SOLD


More selections coming soon...
Click on the images for more details and to see them larger

Cam Newton: (8in. x 10in.) | SOLD
Father and Son: (18in. x 24in.) | SOLD
Queens Cup: (8in. x 10in.) | SOLD
The Old Ball Coach: (8in. x 10in.) | Available
Old Course: (18in. x 24in.) | SOLD
Peak Time: (8in. x 10in.) | SOLD
Fighter: (6in. x 9in.) | SOLD
Psalms 1: (8in. x 10in.) | SOLD


More selections coming soon...

TPC 17th: (11in. x 14in.) | Available
Valley Lines: (8in. x 10in.) | SOLD
Tom's Last Open Walk: (7in. x 5in.) | SOLD
Seamus Kuchar: (5in. x 7in.) | SOLD
Ryder Cup 2017: (8in. x 10in.) | SOLD
Tour Championship - Onsite Sketch: (9in. x 6in.) | SOLD
2017 Phoenix Open: (8in. x 10in.) | ---
Spieth UA: (8in. x 4in.) | ---
Cam Newton Post Game: (8in. x 10in.) | ---
Pitches and Catchers: (9in. x 6in.) | ---
Triple Falls, NC: (8in. x 5in.) | ---
Ryder Cup Reed: (8in. x 4in.) | ---
Go Cubs, Go! : (8in. x 10in.) | ---
Valley Lines: (8in. x 10in.) | SOLD
Food Truck Sketch: (9in. x 6in.) | ---
Willy Wilcox - Hole in 1 '16: (8in. x 6in.) | ---
PGA Champ Daily Sketch '17: (8in. x 10in.) | ---
Masters '17 Daily Sketch: (9in. x 6in.) | ---
Masters '17 Daily Sketch: (9in. x 6in.) | ---
Tour Championship '17: (8in. x 6in.) | ---

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